Are you backed up?

Just a quick post to remind everyone of the importance of BACKUPS! Toward that end, I put together state-of-the-art backup hard drives from the highest-rated bare hard drives which I put in a slick external enclosure that includes four connection options (USB2, FireWire400, FireWire800, and eSATA). The latest iteration are 640GB in size, and I sell them for $150 [image above]. FYI, this price is my cost for the parts, plus about a miniscule amount for my time putting everything together.

I also have just a couple portable (not needing an external power supply) hard drives for you road warriors out there. Call for details on these models...

If you're interested in getting one of these, please email or give me a call (970-417-8434). Don't let yourself get caught without a backup!